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Doux, Hatha
Guéthary, Pays Basque, Saint-Jean-de-Luz

Dada Yoga is a practice where one concretely and consciously acts in the sensory world and in the present moment. Its aim is to transcend the sensation of time as being chronological and space as being limited to the sense perceptions. It is because of limited consciousness that we might not perceive space and time as such.

By consciously acting in the present and in the sensory space tensions disappear and thereby removes the veils of subjective perception, at which point the world is seen the way it really is. From that moment, it’s all yours!

In Dada Yoga one uses one’s everyday life as the ground of interaction. It can therefore come in different expressions depending on who applies it. In Martins case, it is the fine arts, choreographed and intuitive movement, and meditation that he uses.

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