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English WOMEN’S RETREAT 14-16 juin (womb, cacao, pool)

du 14/06/2024 à 00:00 au 16/06/2024 à 00:00 à Bordeaux, Gironde

After a beautiful and successful retreat last year, near St-Emilion, we are putting it on again. In the same place too: the gorgeous MAISONEE GIRONDINE owened by the wonderful Ellie.

This is a womb healing retreat through sound and movement. This means sound baths, womb ceremonies, cacao ceremonies and even water rituals (in the swimming pool). Moon bathing, star gazing, relaxing down time…

Jawenna is a womb healer and woman’s spiritual guide. She has been leading ceremonies and guiding women for over 10 years. Her
transformational medecine is given through her hands and voice. You will each have some personal sessions with her so she can delve into your energies and help you heal and grow energetically and spiritually. The group sessions will involve sound baths and sound journeys, cacao ceremonies, expressive dance, drum circles, singing circles and light movement. Her workshops always include some form of sound or movement.
Jawenna has a connection to the womb and can reach into yours using her voice. She will sing and whisper and heal your trauma. Her voice and hands can transfrom your pain into understanding.

Jawenna has had a tumultious journey into her own wombspace and can help you on yours from her personal experience as well as her knowledge gained on the way.

Join us in the sunny south of france to take this time for YOU to rest, to heal and to grow.
If you’re looking for some deep spiritual healing, mocktails by the pool, home-cooked organic meals and a friendly community then you are in the right place!

Private rooms with private bathrooms (all with bathtubs and very chic decor) There is also 1 shared bedroom with bathroom attached. (price is slightly cheaper in the shared room)

Offer yourself this luxurious time to be in your body and in your spirit to reconnect the two.

The retreat is held near St-Emilion. Nearest airport is BORDEAUX-MERIGNAC and closest train station is CASTILLION. (We can arrange train-station pick up)

Contact Jawenna on or
+44.7866517600 (uk number)
+33.780259348 (fr number)


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